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Filing an Insurance Claim

Step 1

Assess your Property's Damage

Contact a nearby licensed construction company to evaluate the damage on your property and provide an assessment. Certain contractors have certified Public Adjusters who can handle your insurance claim discussions with your provider. Public Adjusters work on behalf of policyholders and specialize in evaluating property loss. By hiring them, you can trust that they will help you accurately file your insurance claim. Unlike insurance company representatives, Public Adjusters advocate for your best interests independently. Take advantage of this service provided by Fletcher & Cooley to ensure that your insurance company pays the complete amount owed to you according to your policy terms. This proactive approach can potentially save you a significant amount of money.

Step 2

Verify the Coverage of your Insurance Policy.

Review the terms and conditions of your insurance policy to confirm if it includes storm or water damage and the specific types of damage that are covered. Familiarize yourself with the details to clearly understand what your policy entails.

Step 3

Record the Extent of the Damage

Thoroughly document all the damage observed, both inside and outside your property. Take detailed photos and videos of the affected areas to provide evidence of the extent of the damage. Additionally, make a note of any repairs or restoration work that will need to be done to bring your home back to its previous condition.


Step 4

Get in Touch with your Insurance Provider

Contact your insurance company to inquire about the specific procedures involved in filing a claim for the damage that requires repairs or replacements. Ensure that you have the option to initiate the claim process either via telephone or through their online platform.


Step 5

Submit your claim

Complete the necessary claim form provided by your insurance company. Ensure that you provide all the information and evidence required to support your claim. In case of interior damage, include copies of receipts for any damaged furniture and provide an estimate of the repair costs. If the damage is severe enough that you need to stay in a hotel while repairs are being done, make sure to include this cost as well. If you need assistance with the process, consider reaching out to Fletcher & Cooley.


Step 6

Arrange a Meeting with the Insurance Adjuster

Schedule a visit from the insurance company's adjuster to assess the damage and verify the validity of your claim. If possible, coordinate with the contractor you have chosen to have them present during the adjuster's visit. This way, they can discuss the repair requirements and collaborate on determining the necessary repairs.


Step 7

Schedule the Repair

After your claim has been approved and you have received a settlement quote covering the necessary repairs, reach out to your construction company to arrange a date for the repairs. Ensure that the settlement amount is sufficient to cover the cost of the replacement and any additional work required.



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