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Filing an Insurance Claim

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Assess your property damage

Call a local roofing company to assess your damage. Some contractors have certified Public Adjusters who will discuss your claim with your insurance provider on your behalf. Public Adjusters evaluate property loss on behalf of a policyholder. They help homeowners file insurance claims. They are licensed professionals who work for individuals and businesses – not insurance companies – and can save you a lot of money by ensuring your insurance company pays the full amount it is responsible for under your policy. Fletcher & Cooley offers this service. 


Find out what your insurance policy covers

Check your insurance policy to make sure that damage to your roof is covered in your contract. Take note of any other relevant details, such as what types of damage are covered.


Document your roof damage

Document everything that’s damaged and everything that will likely need to be done to fix your roof. Be sure to document and report any interior damage that resulted from damage to your roof.


Contact your home insurance company

Find out what your insurer’s procedures are for roof repairs and replacements. You should be able to file your claim by phone or online.


File your claim

File your claim using the claim form your insurer company provides. Be sure you include all information and evidence your insurance provider needs to accept a claim.If interior damage has been done as well, include copies of all receipts for furniture that was damaged, and an estimate of what it will cost to repair the interior.

If the damage is so great that your family will be forced to live in a hotel while repairs are made, you’ll need to include this cost as well. Fletcher & Cooley certified public adjusters can help you with this process. 


Meet with the insurance companies adjuster

Your insurance company will need to visit your home and assess the damage themselves to validate your claim. If you can manage it, have the contractor you’ve selected be present when the adjuster arrives, so they can discuss your repair needs together.


Get your roof replaced

Once your claim has been approved, and the settlement quote is enough to properly fix the damage, contact your roofing company to schedule your roof replacement.


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