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Confirm Contractor’s Credentials

Most contractors who are not licensed contractors will likely charge you less for their services. All licensed contractors can be verified at the Georgia Secretary of State website. They will be listed under their individual name and or their business. 




Contractors Insurance

Most contractors who do not have proof of insurance will likely charge you less for their services. But if something goes wrong, your contractor will sue you and file a claim on your homeowner's insurance policy. Therefore, you should be skeptical when going for the contractor who quoted you the lowest price. It may not always be a good idea to go with the lowest quoted price because there is a risk of the contractor leaving the work half completed.


Stay Practical

Always be practical about your construction cost. Some contractors provide lowball offers so they can get immediate work. However, they leave the customer in a lurch when they stop working on a project because there isn’t enough money to complete the intended project.


Itemized Estimate

Be sure that your contractor provides an itemized estimate to compare construction costs and make sure that your offer includes everything you intend for your project. 


Construction Schedule

Make sure that you and your contractor have a payment schedule in place before starting your project. 

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